Earn from 30% to 40% recurring commissions

Theseolabs affiliate program is a high paying refferal program designed toward marketing and seo experts

High commission percentage !

When you are a new affiliate, you first 3 sales are at 30% commission (Single an Reccuring).

After your first 3 sales, every new ones are at 40% commission.

This is about double than the industry standard !

Recurring commisions

When someone used your link or code for a monthly plan (Full Database Access).
You get recurring commision every month/year of 30% to 40%.

60-day tracking code

We provide 60-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale, even when customers don't convert right away.

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Condition of the affiliate program

  • Do not refer your own purchases.
  • The end customer must not have an existing customer account with us.
  • The end customer must not request a refund of their web hosting offer within the time frame proposed by CGV.
  • The Affiliate Program Subscriber agrees to provide clear and unambiguous marketing information to End Customers.
  • For the affiliation to be validated, the end customer must have paid for all the services ordered.