Google guest post search queries

97 Guest Post Search Queries

Guest posting can be a great way to improve your SEO. When done correctly, guest posting can help you build links, increase your site's exposure, and improve your search engine rankings.

But where do you start? What are the best guest posting opportunities? And what are the best blogs to be a guest blogger on ?

To help you get started, we've put together a list of 97 guest posting search queries for SEO success.

List of Advanced Search Queries For Guest Posting

  1. "write for us" KEYWORD
  2. "become an author" KEYWORD
  3. "guest post" KEYWORD
  4. "guest article" KEYWORD
  5. "become a contributor" KEYWORD
  6. "guest post guidelines" KEYWORD
  7. Inurl:"write-for-us" KEYWORD
  8. Inurl:"guest-post" KEYWORD
  9. Inurl:"become-a-contributor" KEYWORD
  10. Inurl:"guest-post-guidelines" KEYWORD
  11. "this is a guest contribution" KEYWORD
  12. "contributing writer" KEYWORD
  13. "guest author" KEYWORD
  14. "The following guest post" KEYWORD
  15. "guest blogger" KEYWORD
  16. "guest column" KEYWORD
  17. "guest article" KEYWORD
  18. "guest post by" KEYWORD
  19. "guest post written by" KEYWORD
  20. "guest author today" KEYWORD
  21. inurl:"guest-bloggers-wanted" KEYWORD
  22. inurl:"contribution-guidelines" KEYWORD
  23. inurl:blog intitle:"write-for" KEYWORD
  24. inurl:"write-for" KEYWORD
  25. inurl:"submit-guest-post" KEYWORD
  26. inurl:"submit-article" KEYWORD
  27. inurl:"submit-blog-post" KEYWORD
  28. intext:blog inurl:"submission-guidelines" KEYWORD
  29. inurl:"guest-blog-guidelines" KEYWORD
  30. inurl:"guest-post-guidelines" KEYWORD
  31. inurl:"editorial-guidelines" KEYWORD
  32. inurl:"contribute-guest-post" KEYWORD
  33. inurl:"how-to-become-a-contributor" KEYWORD
  34. inurl:"become-a-contributor" KEYWORD
  35. inurl:"write-4-us" KEYWORD
  36. "KEYWORD" "Become a Contributor"
  37. "KEYWORD" "Become a Guest Blogger"
  38. "KEYWORD" "Become an Author"
  39. "KEYWORD" "Bloggers Wanted"
  40. "KEYWORD" "Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging"
  41. "KEYWORD" "Contribute"
  42. "KEYWORD" "Guest Contributor"
  43. "KEYWORD" "Guest post by"
  44. "KEYWORD" "Guest Post Guidelines"
  45. "KEYWORD" "Guest Post"
  46. "KEYWORD" "Submit a Guest Post"
  47. "KEYWORD" "This is a guest article"
  48. "KEYWORD" "Want to Write for"
  49. "KEYWORD" "writers wanted" -inurl:jobs -job
  50. "KEYWORD" "Add Guest Post"
  51. "KEYWORD" "Become a Contributor"
  52. "KEYWORD" "Become a Guest Writer"
  53. "KEYWORD" "Contribute to our Site"
  54. "KEYWORD" "Guest Bloggers Wanted" -job -jobs
  55. "KEYWORD" "My Guest Posts"
  56. "KEYWORD" "Submit a Guest Article"
  57. "KEYWORD" "Submit Article"
  58. "KEYWORD" "Submit Blog Post"
  59. "KEYWORD" "Submit Guest Post"
  60. "KEYWORD" "Submit News"
  61. "KEYWORD" "Suggest a Guest Post"
  62. "KEYWORD" "The following guest post"
  63. "KEYWORD" "This guest post is from"
  64. "KEYWORD" "This guest post was written"
  65. "KEYWORD" "Write for Us"
  66. "KEYWORD" inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  67. "KEYWORD" inurl:guest-posts
  68. "KEYWORD" inurl:write-for-us
  69. "KEYWORD" "submit guest post"
  70. "KEYWORD" "accepting guest posts"
  71. "KEYWORD" "contributor guidelines"
  72. "KEYWORD" "guest post courtesy of"
  73. "KEYWORD" "guest post opportunities"
  74. "KEYWORD" become guest blogger
  75. "KEYWORD" guest blogger wanted
  76. "KEYWORD" intitle:"submit guest post"
  77. "KEYWORD" intitle:"write for me"
  78. "KEYWORD" intitle:"write for us"
  79. "KEYWORD" inurl:category/guest
  80. "KEYWORD" inurl:guest-blogger -intitle:sites
  81. "KEYWORD" inurl:guest-post -intitle:sites
  82. "KEYWORD" inurl:tag/guest
  83. "KEYWORD" submit guest post
  84. "KEYWORD" submit your guest post
  85. "KEYWORD" "guest blog"
  86. "KEYWORD" "guest blogger"
  87. "KEYWORD" "guest Column"
  88. "KEYWORD" "guest article"
  89. "KEYWORD" guest post
  90. "KEYWORD" guest author
  91. "KEYWORD" "write for me"
  92. "KEYWORD" "contribute to this site"
  93. "KEYWORD" "contribute to this site" inanchor:contact

Google search operator for guest posting


Using a word between quotes in google is used for searching for exact phrases and refine searches.


For example : intitle:guidelines - Find pages containing "guidelines" in the title of the page.


For example : intext: guest-post-guidelines - Find pages containing "guest-post-guidelines" in the url of the page to refine the results even more.


For example : intitle:guidelines - Find pages that has this exact word in the content of the page.

What next : Evaluate the quality of the sites

This can be done by looking at things like the Domain Authority (DA) of the site, the number of social shares the article has, and the quality of the content.

If you’re not familiar with Domain Authority, it’s a metric created by Moz that measures the overall authority of a website. The higher the DA, the higher the quality of the site.

You can also look at the number of social shares an article has to get an idea of its quality. The more social shares an article has, the more likely it is to be high quality.

Finally, you can evaluate the quality of the content by reading a few of the articles on the site. If the content is high quality, then it’s likely that the site is as well.

Once you’ve evaluated the quality of the site, the final step is to decide if it’s worth guest posting on. If the site is high quality, then it’s worth submitting a pitch. If the site is low quality, then it’s best to steer clear.

By following these steps, you can find high-quality guest posting opportunities with google search queries.

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