What is a Guest Post ?

The term guest post refers to publishing a post or article as a guest author on the blog or website of a third party organization or individual.

For the guest author, the practice of guest posting has several potential benefits:

  • For personal branding measure, more or less effective depending on the image and target audience of the host blog or website.
  • Generate direct traffic through the links allowed in the article
  • Generate a backlink that help SEO if the authorized links (backlinks) are dofollow and if the host site is considered by Google as a quality site with good authority.

In the context of guest posts, the host often requires the content to be original and exclusive. For an author, a guest post is especially interesting if they do not have their own blog, if their own blog does not yet have the audience of the host blog, or if the two audiences are different but complementary.

For the host, the practice of guest posting (generally referred to as guest blogging from his perspective) usually means that he can benefit from free content.