Keyword Golden Ratio : find easy keywords you can rank for fast (Guide)

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a formula that can be used to determine the most easy to get Keywords for sites that have very little or no authority. If you have found the KGR search term, then you will be ranked in the top 30 fairly quickly (2-4 weeks) and will ...

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) is a formula that can be used to determine the most easy to get Keywords for sites that have very little or no authority.

If you have found the KGR search term, then you will be ranked in the top 30 fairly quickly (2-4 weeks) and will continue to climb to the top 10 within the next couple of months, provided your content is of high quality obviously.

The Keyword Gold Ratio is a basic division based on data, we use an amount of “allintitle:keyword” results on Google then divide that number by the amount of the keywords.

Doug Cunnington created the Keyword Research concept that is popularly referred to as”the “Golden Ratio” and applied it to amazing success on his personal websites.

What is the Ratio? How Does it Actually Effectively Work?

The ratio is a method of identifying keywords with a volume in the range of 30 to 250, which aren’t as often covered in the search results (that’s why we look up the number of results for a specific keyword on Google by using the Allintitle command)

TL;DR Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) :

  • You find a keyword that is relevant that has an average monthly amount under 250
  • Find the keyword and make sure that it does not have more than 63 titles.
  • Your content is of high quality and uses the keywords you discovered in the title
  • The content has a high rank in the SERPs as it isn’t subjected to competition.

How do you calculate Keyword Golden Ratio calculated?

Keyword Golden Ratio formula ( # of allintitle results resulting from the Google results) /( monthly search volume).

If the value lower than 0.25 it is a great search term to focus on because not a great deal of blogs have posted about this.

between 0.25 and 1 you must annually review the serp for other indications of difficult or easy keywords such as :

  • Are there any famous players who have written about it?
  • Can I create better content than the top 3 ?
  • Another great indicator of a keyword that is easy to find can be Reddit, Quora or another forum that is within the top 10 of search results.

If your ratio of HTML0 is greater than 1 it’s likely to be difficult to rank for the first time on a website.

An example of KGR :

I’m aware that the phrase “How to clean white pair of shoes” is a huge volume 250. Using the simple “allintitle:How to clean white shoe” Google search I get 18 results.

The golden ratio for keywords to be used for searching is 18/250. 0.072

This keyword is ideal to write content about in the event of a website with low authority website or a new site in the cleaning field :

What is the reason to use the KGR Method?

It is recommended to use the term golden ratio for three primary reasons:

  • To rank easily keywords, you’ll maintain the enthusiasm by launching a new site since you will see that your content get ranked quickly.
  • To increase the authority of your website on a specific topic to increase your authority, you must find Golden Keywords related to your money-related posts or the main pages that you would like to increase ranking or write articles using KGR keywords and create internal links to these pages
  • Find keywords that your competitors don’t even think about There is no competition, which means an easy ranking

What can you do can I Find Golden Keywords

Once you’ve learned the KGR method using it, searching for those keywords that are most pertinent for your business or website as well as the calculation of your ratio will be rather easy.

It might take some time to create your first list of keywords, but this initial effort will pay off over time.

You can utilize the popular keyword tool to filter the list by traffic 250 volumes, and then manually search for every number of results to determine the golden keyword ratio.

Or you can use, a tool by Theseolabs to easyli find KGR keywords

Keywords Gold Ratio Tool made by Theseolabs

Find simple golden ratio keywords using our new tool for keyword research that will makes it easier to automate looking for KGR manually !

“Let’s Go”

Questions and answers concerning keywords and the Keyword Golden Ratio

What exactly is Allintitle:

Allintitle is essentially a Google Search engine. It can lets users limit search results to those that include the keyword you’ve specified as the subject of the webpage.

The risks of KGR for SEO

The KGR risk is mostly confined to niche topics since very few people write about obscure topics, thus the Golden Ratio is likely to always be very low, however, among the 20 websites that discuss the same subject, the majority of them will be highly niched and well written by professionals.

What happens if tools for keyword research have different volumes of searches?

Pick only 1 tool, or use by theseolabs, we aggregate search volumes from a lot of different tools and methodology !

What is the best way to handle a keyword with an KGR below 0.25 and the volume of searches exceeds 250.

You’ve just discovered super gold keyword or the “diamond keywords ratio”.
It is a must to make it a top priority to create the perfect piece to use this key phrase !

What is the difference between the other tools? KD (Keyword Difficulty) and Golden Ratio

Many other tools determine the Difficulty using backlinks to calculate the Top10 It’s been found to be inaccurate by many SEO.
Golden Ratio is based on the formula that utilizes Google information (number of search results) to discover keywords that nobody writes about. It’s not a perfect method to identify simple keywords (there always is a false positive) however, it is more precise


Keyword Golden Ratio Keyword Golden Ratio is one of the most effective SEO methods to locate easy to target Keywords It utilizes Google information and it is much more precise over any other instrument. for determining Keyword Difficulty that is based on backlinks !


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